Investment Management

Our Investment Services

Our products and service are designed specially and carefully to suit our clients, having been created to meet specific needs of our clients in both business and personal areas. All our specialist services are informed by our core values of Love, innovation faithfulness and excellence.


All-Time Capital provides provident and pension fund services to institutional clients. We seek to provide our clients with customized portfolio management services through integrity, innovation and excellence.

All-Time Capital seeks to generate excess returns above identified benchmarks in a consistent and repeatable manner. Our portfolio management approach will rely on a unique blend of rigorous quantitative analysis and seasoned fundamental judgments to provide value to our esteemed clients.


The All-Time Bond fund is a mutual fund which invests purposely in bonds. The strategy of the fund is to invest in a diversified portfolio of both government and corporate bonds and certain carefully selected money market instruments. The Fund will use a disciplined and structured approach to the selection of investments. Quality and security of investments will be a major criterion in the selection procedure. We will add value by increasing yield without compromising on quality. This investment is designed for any investor looking for a stable investment vehicle while making appreciable gain.


All-Time Capital manages discretionary accounts for High worth Private Individuals. This product is targeted at the mega rich in society who want to grow and preserve their assets for their own benefit as well as that of future generations after them. Portfolios are tailored to specific client objectives. We offer active portfolio management together with efficient administration to allow individuals to benefit from the expertise of experienced fund managers.


This is a highly customized financial advice, investment solutions and portfolio management services to corporate bodies in Ghana. The fund enables corporate bodies to complete their efforts in building their assets, protecting your wealth and growing your income over short periods. This service helps clients to protect and secure their businesses and assets for transfer to the next generation of management, or seek to maximize the returns it can generate.



This long term investment scheme inspires clients to pursue their aspiration through concrete financial plans designed to meet clients’ needs. These include children’s education, personal projects, family vacation, retirement, dream home and many more. A better lifestyle can be yours with the All-Time Executive Life Time Plan. This scheme is the plan to help you meet your long term needs with ease.


As its name suggestion, this product is tailored to suit low risk investor with short investment time frame that is between six months to a year. Investing in only secured fixed income instruments and government securities ensures that each client’s principal investments are secured while yielding good returns. This scheme is perfect for meeting ones emergency and contingency needs such as bereavement, illness or payment of term school fees.


Umande is a highly sophisticated scheme designed for highly aggressive investors who are willing to take high risks to make huge returns. This portfolio is designed to invest in highly aggressive and high yielding instruments such as corporate bonds and debentures. As a medium to long term investment, clients are able to make amazing returns between two to three years.